Welcome 2009

Outside the kids are starting to firing crackers already and I keep wondering when emergency rooms all over the country start filling up. before or after midnight?
Anyway, I never quite got why those firecrackers are really necessary and why they are sold to kids, or why at all.
I mean I understand where they come from, the tradition behind them, but I never quite understood why kids all over the place buy them and what's so much fun about a thing strong enough to rip off your hand and loud enough to make you deaf. They don't do ANYTHING. They are not pretty, they are not a fun gadget to play with, they have nothing speaking FOR them. They have, however, a lot speaking against them. They are loud, they stink, they're dangerous, they disturb animals, old people,..., babies, they are not very environmental, etc.

Fireworks, at least are pretty.

That's why gf and I stay at home and have a nice comfy evening with computer games and food, watching the fireworks from our window.

What will/did you guys do for new years? Stay at home or party like there's no tomorrow?
In any way, I wish you a glorious 2009!


LG said...

It's only noon here ... hard to imagine it being closer to the New Year for you!

Hope you and McC have a wonderful evening and start to 2009. I see big things coming up for both of you in the next year. I'm so happy I know both of you!

Oh, and I have no idea what I'm doing yet tonight. Nothing like waiting until the last possible second ... it's just not one of my favorite holidays.

Shazza said...

Hey Finn - M and I did a Buffy Marathon and started a jigsaw puzzle. This is what old lesbians do on New Years Eve!

We did manage to stay awake until 12:05 and then passed out since it was way past our bedtime!

I wish you and McC a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Be well