Not a very sad good-bye

During lunch break today, I came across two videos that explained a lot about the state America is in.
the first one was the last Barney cam video. I guess it's my own fault for watching, what did I expect, seriously. Seriously!
So Barney was in charge of christmas decoration in the white house or something, that's one thing. That was actually kinda cute. Bbut what the hell was the opening with the first family supposed to be? Jenna (with her arm in plaster) kneeling on the hard wood floor next to her husband comfortably placed in a chair. I can accept the very bad acting, after all it's the Bush's not the Reagans, but I have a hard time getting over the picture of Jenna and Henry and the way they were "seated".

The second video is President Bush's tour of the oval office. My gran couldn't have done a better job repeating the same information all the time and not remembering her previous sentences. She could've stammered and stumbled her way all through the presentation, just like W.
The only difference? Well, she's a bit older and senile. She's allowed not to remember what she talks about. she's not running a coutry.

That's when I'm gonna reactivate my white house feeds and podcasts...I stopped after the first term because I really couldn't take it.

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Shazza said...

I think I'm gonna hurl