the omnipotent labour wizard

It's been very quiet around here, I know.
I've been pretty busy with a lot of stuff and it will probably stay that way, but I have wanted to come back here and write something for a couple of days now and not even the weekend would provide enough time for that, so I'm using work time for blogging - I think it's a great idea!

I do still love my job and I still like the people I work with, but like with everything else, a look under the hood reveals a couple of holes in the oil can.

Like for instance, my company hasn't really come up with an image for themselves. We supposedly have a done marketing and business plan, but it doesn't seem they know where they want to go with it.
I was hired to run the office in all it's administrative aspects and do a little marketing on the side. I have done 38 hrs of marketing and business development and about 2 hours of admin work each week.
I've been designing business card drafts for a while now, coming up with different messages and styles but there is still no decision because it seems noone wants to be responsible for the final say in "who we are or who do we want to be".
It's a bit nerve wrecking, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I keep incorporating changes but it seems to never end.

Today, I need to hand in our video reel for a fair taking place in march. It's basically 2 minutes of any kind of video material we want to be played in a loop with other companies' videos.
One would think that such a thing exists already OR in our case as we are a new company subsidiary, we would have a graphic designer, animation company or something like that doing the video for us...that would mean someone would have to choose a subcontractor and make a decision on what we want based on who we are and what we want to be to other people.
Any guesses? Yes, correct the video was done by ME. In fact, I'm still trying to make it look ok. It's not that bad given the situation but it's nothing like it should look. Needles to say I'm slightly more than tinkering around and not at all qualified to do this. but being the resident geek will give you assingments you don't want.
I would volunteer to do such final decisions on what we want a video to look like but that would mean that I'd run the company and I don't get paid that much.
but if you think it's bad for a presentation video and a business card if you haven't really come up with a company profile yet, think again.

Next week we need to write a briefing paper for the fair staff, so they know what our company is and what we do...
It gets even better. In two weeks time we need to have - drumroll please - a press kit ready for all the media people who will be there at the fair.
To be honest it's kind of my favorite train wreck to be. I'm looking forward to who it's gonna be the one who writes the damn press kit because sure as hell, it's not gonna be me.

All of this might sound a little ranty. Well, it is but it doesn't do my job justice. There are things I need to vent but most of the time I'm having fun and I like what I'm doing.
I still have to figure out though, why I always end up getting jobs better suited for omnipotent labour wizards. I don't think I have had a job, where I have only (or at least mostly only) done what is in my job description.

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mccutcheon said...

job descriptions are for wusses. apparently, I'm not a wuss either since I'm always doing whatever need to be done as well ;)