Rock your vote!

hi folks,
I've been on some sort of hiatus with this blog and I have no good excuse for it.
I've been busy starting another blog about my academic life and work. let's not talk about work.
Also, I've been playing quite a bit of World of Warcraft (not as much as I'd like thought) and that leads to a problem!
I have three character which I really like but becomes more and more evident that I need to focus on one of them. If I keep playing all of them, none of them will ever be a higher level and I'll have to play a fair share of quests double and twice. That will grow boring!

I have decided to give you all a short profile of all of those characters and let you decide for me.

Character I: Night Elf Warrior, Velcro, lvl 24
I like him because he will not die even if he gets pummeled hard. He can deal with more than one enemy at a time. While it is a lot of fun being front and center, right where the action is, it is often tiresome to keep the target in optimal fighting distance and right in front of me. Velcro is not very graceful or sneaky but has his fighting qualities and gets really cool weapons and armor.

Character II: Dwarf Priest, Viviane, lvl 22
I like her because she's a Shadow priest in the making. That means she completely sucks now and will die if you so much as look at her the wrong way, but she will be quite powerful with time. also, she can heal the party members and resurrect them if necessary. It will be good to have her in a group, once her casting time is shorter. I like playing Viv when I keep in mind that it might be hard now, but will be kick-ass later. She's all about the future.

Character III: Human Mage, Vareen, lvl 11
She's the "youngest" and it will take a while until I have her where the others are, but she already kicks ass and will probably continue to do so. She deals quite a bit of damage and using one healing potion she can kill mobs 4-5 lvls higher than her. I like the powers she has and the way she fights. As mentioned before it will be quite some time until I get to the interesting part of playing if I stick to her.

so, there you go. I like all three of them and will continue to play with them from time to time, but I need a main character and can't decide. please help me!


mccutcheon said...

please, dear voters, do also keep in mind that my main char is a lvl 28 warlock usually in desperate need of sum healin' by faithful party members ;)

finn said...

hey! no meddling with the results!

susanne said...

i have a lvl 60 mage and a lvl 59 warrior myself. it was a hard decision, but i voted for velcro. have fun!

Zoe said...

Hmm, this is tough, as I am partial to elves. At least in the D&D world. I am not a WOW person, so I don't know, but can you multi-class?

finn said...

thx for voting every one.
I wish I could multi-class, Zoe, but sadly enough the wand my warrior found is just another twig to him. He was kind enought to send it to one of his friends though ;)

mccutcheon said...

I'm weak. I did vote. In my own best interests ;)