in which I quit my job and revive my blog for a bit

I haven't been around much lately. Due to the invention of twitter and facebook and other social networks I've reduced my brain waves to 140 character messages at a time and not much else.

I quit my job on Tuesday, I was urged to by my own body and my gf and for once I followed the advice given to me.
I feel a lot better now that I know my time here is finite. No more fighting for leave and no more fighting for paid overtime. Those are fights other guys fought for me decades ago - I shouldn't have to again, because of some colonists who haven't read the memo.
There were other things going horribly horribly wrong and I realised that I wasn't talking about much else anymore. It does put a strain on yourself, your partner and the relationship you lead. Not. Good. At. All.

Also, I was getting more and more exhaused until my doctor finally proclaimed that I'm her newest Burn-Out Patient. Great.

So, I'll still have to fight my way through July and the I'll be free. Free to sleep in, free to take time for myself, free of obligations, free of money probably too. But I don't care because I live in a wellfare state and if I really have to I'll find a job quick.

So, that's about the news I have so far, but I'll probably be back with some more soon and let you know how the trip to Budapest went.

Have a good Week-end.

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